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Casual Audrey

Casual Audrey

Random Tee BlueParis Jeans (similar on sale here)  ShoeMint Boots (similar here)  R&Em Purse  A new year is coming and I can’t believe it. God, 2011 has passed so fast. I know we probably say that every year, but this time I feel that it has been even faster than previous years. I guess IContinue Reading

Sidney Boots

Sidney Boots

It was my lucky day when I bought this boots by half of price at Come on, 100% leather boots, stylish, and extra comfortable (all together). It certainly was a GOOD day. Fué mi día de suerte cuando compré a mitad de precio éstos botines en Vamos a ver, 100% cuero, estilosas y super cómodasContinue Reading

Black Dress

Black Dress

  Black Dress by altmoda featuring a lace midi dress This set is dedicated to that black dress that all women have and always rescue us when we need it. Este set es dedicado a ese vestido negro que todo mujer tiene y que siempre nos salva cuando más lo necesitamos.Continue Reading

Verde Que Te Quiero Verde

Verde Que Te Quiero Verde

Armani Exchange Blouse Mossino Dress (similar on sale here)  Rampage Flats (similar on sale here)  Michael Kors Bag (here) Today’s Post is dedicated to one of my favorite poems written by Federico García Lorca. The title of the poem goes perfectly with my outfit and the poem has been stuck in my mind the wholeContinue Reading

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Bye Spring Semester

Vismaya Scarf Gap Top (here)  American Eagle Shorts (similar here)  Wa[more]

Short vs. Long

Tommy Hilfiger Blouse (similar here)  Jolt Jeans (similar on sale here)  [more]

Little Things I Love About My New Home

Life has been REALLY busy the last couple months. I finally moved into my n[more]

Painting Walls

Denim&Co Top American Eagle Shorts (similar here)  Union Bay Bag ([more]

A Winter Night

Cache Jacket (similar on sale here) My bf took these quick photos of me last Saturday ni[more]

Stressful Reality

Random T-shirt Gap Jeans (similar here)  Vintage Scarf Wanted Loafers  (sim[more]

POC American Fusion Sushi & Buffet

FINALLY, I have posted these photos of POC American Fusion Buff[more]

Tanning Plans

LightintheBox Top (on sale here)  Forever21 Sweater QuikSilver Shorts (sim[more]